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    What Services Do I Offer?

    I have been developing websites for small business and professionals for over 20 years. As my client's desire to have more control over the content of their websites grew, I started developing most of my websites on a Content Management System platform. My favorite is Joomla! because of its extensibility. I also recommend Wordpress, when the focus of the site is blog oriented. 

    EBR Website designs provides the tools to market and brand your business, product or services both online and off. In addition to website development, I offer services in graphic arts as well. Whether it is a logo you need or a brochure or business cards, I can accommodate you. I am fluent in Photoshop-the most popular computer software for image manipulation; Illustrator-for vector-based graphics; InDesign-for brochure, book and newsletter layout; as well as Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS.


    • "Ellen did a first rate professional job creating my web site from scratch. She added features to the design that I had not anticipated and enhanced the final product. She is also a pleasure to work with." --WLS, NJ

    • Ellen is a terrific website creator and sustainer. And an absolute joy to work with!!  I recommend her highly! She has done a wonderful job with my website. I am proud to invite folks to go to it, knowing that it will reflect wonderfully on both Ellen and myself!-JHB, CT

    • "I was so impressed working with Ellen. She listened to my needs and what I wanted to achieve. She asked questions and the end results were beyond my expectations. Her turn around time was also fast. I would recommend Ellen knowing that all that work with her will find her truly competent in her field of expertise."--EK, CT

    • "I highly recommend Ellen at EBR Website Designs. I contacted Ellen with a vague idea of what I wanted my new website to look like, and she brought it to life within days.Ellen was always a few steps ahead of me, giving me constructive, creative and practical advice when needed. Ellen's rates are reasonable and the end result is certainly well-worth the cost. An excellent investment! I hope to work with Ellen on future projects as my practice develops. Thank you, Ellen."--LC, NJ

    • "Ellen created and implemented our website, with excellent results. She was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process, offering excellent suggestions and always kind to this non-techy person!" -PS, CT

    • "Ellen is very professional, knowledgeable and produced an excellent web page in a timely fashion."--KB, CT

    • Ellen is a knowledgeable Web designer and developer. She worked closely with me to make sure that my website's content would bring maximum results.She also educated me and continues to support me in using all that I can do with this website. I have gotten consistant positive compliments from clients and colleagues about my website! PG, NJ

    • “I have worked with Ellen through the JoomlaUser Group of NYC. She has been building great websites over the years, and consistently adds to her knowledge-base by attending different user group meetings. Not only did she start up her own user group in Ct., but she attends our group in NYC regularly. In addition she has assisted and participated in many of our user group events. It is great to have her on board!”--LG, NJ

    • “Ellen gave me 2 hours of her time and solved all of my problems with my website. She knew code, easily found the cause of corrupted files, and took her time to address all issues.I was very impressed with her expertise in joomla! and website maintenance. Thanks again, Ellen!”--JM, CT

    • "Thank you for the fantastic job you did putting our website together. The feedback from our customers, sales force, and office personnel has been extremely positive.  From the initial design, to the final implementation of going live, and, most importantly, AFTER going live, you have been efficient, thorough, and you’ve followed through on every detail. Whenever I called, or e-mailed you with a question, or idea, you were open, enthusiastic, and responsive. I never heard “No” – no matter what the request. As good as you are, you did not always have an immediate answer, but if not, you said so, researched it, and ultimately, virtually every request was granted.  The design and performance of the site is exactly right for our immediate needs, and, thanks to you, I feel confident we’ll be able to expand the site to meet our needs going forward. Of course, Ellen, I will be very happy to serve as a reference to anyone interested in hearing about our great experience working with you."--BR, CT

      Why Do I Need a Website?

      • Having a professional website gives your business a competitive edge and exposes your business to thousands of new clients.
      • Advertising in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and even on TV tell only part of your story!
      • A professionally designed website can fill in the blanks, giving potential customers...

      instant result...
      instant information...
      instant gratification

      Can I Afford a Website?

      • Not being on the Internet invites your customers to do business with your competitors.
      • These days, not having a high quality website is like not having an ad in the Yellow Pages.
      • A professionally designed website informs prospective customers about your products and services.
      • It keeps past clients up-to-date about your new products, new directions or new staff.

      Will I Have Control

      • Using extremely flexible and robust content management systems such as Joomla! or Wordpress, I will create a customized website to meet your online marketing goals.
      • Both Joomla! and Wordpress have numerous extensions, modules, plugins and components to expand a website's capabilities and functionality, such as Blogs, Forums, Photo Galleries and Slideshows to E-commerce and Social Networking.

      joomla logo black

      EBR Website Designs is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

      EBR Website Designs is not affiliated with or endorsed by WordPress.